1. Why Windows ?

If you followed my Assembler and x86-64 Shellcoding tutorials, you noticed that the target operating system was Linux. Therefore, it is normal for you to ask yourself, WHY Windows and not Linux?

It turns out that in the field of application exploitation, we encounter three cases of figures:

I have found that resources on 64-bit exploitation under Windows are practically non-existent. I only found it:

When I talk about resources, I mean explanatory tutorials. Otherwise, there are more resources available.
However, I want to clarify that there are more resources for Kernel exploitation. It is Linux that suffers from a lack of resources on this aspect.

2. Prerequisites

In order to follow this tutorial, it is recommended to have a basic knowledge of:

Finally, here are the recommended tools:

3. References

Windows exploitation x86:
Github Awesome Windows Exploitation
NCC Group
ImmunityInc Github Awesome Advanced Windows Exploitation